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The Lunar Waves are a Scottish hip hop group, formed by Mikel Krumins (Abdominal Showmen, Kyon and Dyems), Thomas MacGregor (Abdominal Showmen, AGM, parlé ), DJ Lyley (Scratch / B Sides), Joseph Croft (BearDriver, parlé), Sean Monro (The B.B.B.B) and Ashley Glynne (The Vivos).

Following Krumin’s first independent release “Overnight” with Kyon and Dyems, recorded by The Co-Optimists (Parc en Ciel) at The Syntholabo in Edinburgh on Crystal Wish Records, Krumins began work on his first solo L.P. Set for release in 2018 “Ju Ju’s Computer Mountain” features music by 7VWWVW. When Mikel returned to London a live band was required to perform the tracks and The Lunar Waves were born.

Krumins and MacGregor have performed in various guises, outfits and countries over the past 12 years. Primarily as part of The Abdominal Showmen where they won the PRS Unsigned and U.K. Touring Act awards which lead to releases with FOPP records and London label Breaking Bread.

Other featured releases include an appearance on Capitol 1212’s Raw and Disorder EP alongside Donald D, Grandmaster Caz and Profisee.

Performance highlights include sold out shows at London’s Borderline, De La Soul’s after party at Edinburgh’s Bongo Club, Highlight Arts Festival in Beirut, Lebanon, Mostar Arts and Music Festival at Abrasevic, Bosnia Herzegovina (in the middle of a humungous lighting storm), an appearance on KCSS Radio in Turlock, California + many more.

The Lunar Waves are preparing to record their first limited edition 7” vinyl featuring the songs “Orange Monkey Man” and “How Does it Feel?” at Love Buzz Productions on the 26th of February 2017. The band are available to fight facism anywhere in the known world through the medium of music.

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